Thank you Jeff

I'm so grateful to Jeff Foster, for the Retreat at Frandeux, Belgium

Being there with all there is... all the joy, all the sadness, anger, grief, guilt, insecurity, unsafety, ugliness, rawness, endless beauty... Recognizing in it yourself and in others, and feeling it all so deeply, that the only thing left is to embrace all of it. And I mean ALL of it, until your heart feels like bursting and you think you just want to die... until you realize that it's all just feelings, just feelings, nothing more than that, and that it's just the stories our mind adds to them, that make us feel like wanting to run away and die... Really, that's all just stories… What's left when you lose the stories is: This Is Life, I Am Alive! The joy of merely being there, sitting on a chair, feeling your feet on the ground, giving yourself completely to the Earth's always present support. Your heart pounding and almost breaking out of your chest...

Discovering your own bravery in not only experiencing all this, but also sharing it with others, and thus finding safety in recognizing that we're actually all made out of the same stuff, no matter what our individual stories are, no matter how different we look, no matter our age or where we came from.


Wow, I'm in awe… Thank you so much Jeff, you funny, shy, humble, powerful man, always present, always listening with your endlessly open heart, suddenly bursting into laughter because of your own hilariously funny little jokes, taking us all into this lively laughter, making us feel so alive and so ONE with you and each other.


Let's just 'fuck the expert' within our own little minds and keep traveling from our unconsciousness to our brilliant 'conscious mess'!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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